We at Impel Griffin build our company on several principles that are fully described in our mission and vision statement.


“We free up your time so you can do great things!”

Our main principle is to live and breathe the needs of our clients, to know them, and to do everything possible to help them grow their business. Success of our clients is our success. We strive daily to improve and perfect our business processes in order to provide the most efficient and working solutions for improving the business processes of our clients. Outsourcing all your auxiliary business processes, you free up your time and time of your employees to be concentrated on the key tasks of your business. This always leads to success and great achievements.


“To lead the outsourcing market and be one of the top five employers in Ukraine”

Impel Griffin daily demonstrates leadership, regardless of what job we perform – it is our value. Our principle is to always maintain this status and always set ambitious goals.

Providing jobs is the cornerstone of the socioeconomic development of our nation and our company as a whole. While expanding, our goal is to provide as many jobs as possible for our population

When establishing Impel Griffin, we laid down a strong framework of values. They guide us in our everyday actions, and present the overall base of principles that are shared and upheld by all of our employees.


Our team
  • Our team is the value of our company and its foundation, helping Impel Griffin successfully achieve all set goals and tasks;
  • Our human resource policy is aimed at creating favorable working environment for professional growth and development of every employee;
  • Each employee of Impel Griffin has the opportunity to fully realize their abilities and creative potential.
  • Honesty and openness are at the core of our vision, and is evident in our relations with employees and our clients;
  • We always tell the truth; we are sincere and always ready to substantiate our actions and decisions.
  • We carry full responsibility for the quality of the work we provide and uphold all agreements we make;
  • We carry responsibility for protection of the environment and economically use its resources;
  • We carry the greatest responsibility for our people, who made our company the success that it is;
  • Each of our employees carry the responsibility for adherence to all guidelines and popularization of Impel Griffin values.
  • We constantly refine our knowledge and skills, devising latest and most efficient solutions;
  • Every employee is an expert in their field, ready to answer any questions and offer advice;
  • Optimal use of resources is one of our values and pride. Thanks to our experience, our clients can expect highest results;
  • All of our employees are experienced and treat their work responsibly. Discipline and fast response are the benefits of our company.
  • We are not as concerned with leading the market, as we are with how good of a leader we are in the eyes of our clients.
  • Our true energy reserve is known only to us; our creative potential can be felt only by those close to us; and only few can grasp the scale of our capabilities. Thanks to all this, we are already there, where many are only planning to go.