The reputation of a hotel of any level often depends on the well-groomed and clean rooms, common areas, facades and the surrounding area. Spring cleaning at the hotel should be done at least twice a year. In institutions of this kind, of course, there are staff of maids, but sometimes the new institution simply does not have enough funds to maintain a large number of staff, and then cleaning companies come to the rescue.

Only professionals with extensive experience in carrying out such a plan are worth trusting. Specialists of this level can be found in Impel Griffin, a company that has been trusted and appreciated for more than 20 years.

How is the general cleaning of the hotel rooms?

General cleaning of hotels is significantly different from daily, because it requires the presence of special equipment and certain household chemicals, which are usually not available to hotel business owners. When ordering a service at the Impel Griffin cleaning company, you receive:

  • dust removal from surfaces;
  • cleaning glass and mirror surfaces;
  • washing windows and doors;
  • dust removal from vertical surfaces, baseboards, door platbands, switches, sockets, cornices, blinds, window sills and window frames;
  • cleaning of bathrooms with subsequent disinfection;
  • deep cleaning of carpet products and upholstery of upholstered furniture;
  • washing of floor coverings of any type using specialized floor cleaning machines. The household chemicals used by us are absolutely harmless to people and animals, since they do not emit toxins upon evaporation;
  • washing facades;
  • cleaning of the adjacent territory and garbage removal;
  • cleaning ventilation systems and chimneys and a number of other additional work.

Hotel cleaning can be done at any time convenient for customers, while the comfortable rest of the guests will not be disturbed.

Benefits of contacting professionals

Room cleaning at the hotel by our company employees is always done at the highest level, because we provide a guarantee for all work. In addition, when ordering services at the specialized organization Impel Griffin, you can save on salaries for full-time cleaners and the purchase of cleaning products.

You can order high-quality cleaning for your premises using our website, using the feedback form or at the specified phone numbers.

Cleaning services from Impel Griffin for hotels and restaurants:

      • Spring-cleaning
      • Cleaning after builders
      • Daily comprehensive cleaning
      • Complete set with holders for personal hygiene products, supply of personal hygiene products
      • Supply of carpets
      • Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture
      • Dry cleaning of leather furniture
      • Dry cleaning of carpets
      • Deep floor cleaning
      • Cleaning of windows
      • High-altitude windows cleaning (industrial mountaineering)
      • Facade cleaning
      • High-altitude facade cleaning (industrial mountaineering)
      • Cleaning advertising constructions
      • Cleaning of the surrounding area
      • Restoration of marble, granite
      • Snow and waste removal
      • Green Care

Other types of services for hotels and restaurants from Impel Griffin:

      • Maintenance of electrical networks (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
      • Maintenance of water supply systems (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
      • Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioners (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
      • Administration of contracts and utilities (contract control, collection and payment of bills)
      • Outstaffing
      • Minor repairs of premises and furniture