Rentals and maintenance of uniforms

Rentals and maintenance of specialized wear and uniforms is a modern comprehensive service, which ensures constant supply and proper order of specialized uniforms, saving you time and money.

As you concentrate on what you do best, we concentrate on keeping your personnel outfitted, from ordering work uniforms using our funds and designing it to your specifications, to maintaining it and replacing it as needed.

We provide a range of special wear: general coveralls, fire retardant, acid-fast, antistatic, and “multi-risk” protective wear; medical gowns, and uniforms for hospitality sector.

Our clients can enjoy the following benefits:

  • No full upfront cost, leaving more money in your operating capital
  • No need to purchase and organize equipment (washing machines, lockers, storage)
  • Saves the need for service staff (in case of in-house washing)
  • Fixed monthly rental and maintenance fee
  • No need to seek suppliers for uniforms and laundry services
  • No need for storage; return unneeded uniforms, order additional uniforms as needed for new staff
  • Access to the database of inventory of the rented wear and its condition
  • Increased business culture, and thus higher results from the work of your employees
Uniform rentals with comprehensive maintenance service is an easy way 
to increasing efficiency of the work process.


Stages of service:

  • Select from our line of wear or let us design individual outfits to your standards and specifications
  • Custom fitting
  • Optional tags on every outfit with barcode, size, name of the employee, and employee ID
  • Optional design and embroidering of custom logos
  • Optional lockers for storing clean uniforms, and collection of dirty uniforms
  • Rental agreement
  • Weekly collection of dirty uniforms for cleaning
  • Professional laundry
  • Regular upkeep of the uniforms, replacement of zippers, buttons, and velcro as needed
  • Return of temporarily unneeded uniforms for storage (in cases of resignations, lay-offs or dismissals)
  • Ability to order additional wear for new or seasonal employees with a short turnaround time
  • Replacement of worn-out or damaged uniforms
  • Delivery of clean, sorted uniforms, according to the set schedule
  • Electronic recordkeeping of the uniform inventory


• We launder more than 800 outfits per week
• Over 2,500 sets rented out
• We set up laundry service in any part of Ukraine
  • Tested and proven technologies
  • Reliable suppliers of equipment and materials
  • European experience in organizing work
  • Refined system of labeling and sorting clothing
  • Efficient quality control system
  • Online order, status, and support system