Manage your business by European standards

Impel Griffin conducts laundry services for various construction and utility organizations, industrial businesses, hotels, military bases, and medical facilities. Modern technologies and European service standards allow us to provide highest level of quality.

Regular washing and careful maintenance extends the life of the uniforms and preserves its condition, which significantly reduces costs. In most cases, the outfits are treated with protective coating that are sensitive to regular washing, but remain completely intact with proper professional washing.

Laundering uniforms is a complicated process due to special requirements towards the condition and appearance of employees’ uniforms. With the in-house laundry service, it is virtually impossible to handle some of the toxic and organic contaminations. This requires special cleaning and supplies and solutions.

Our equipment can take care of laundry and dry cleaning of uniforms with the highest quality results and with any volume. Within 24 hours the outfits will be restored to their original condition, packaged, and delivered to location of your choosing.

Laundry from Impel Griffin is a winning choice
  • We provide continuous supply of the required number and assortment of equipment for washing, drying, and pressing;
  • We have many years of successful experience in commercial laundry services;
  • We use innovative solutions for automated marking and registration of inventory, as well as quality control system in accordance with ISO 2001-2009.


• We launder more than 800 outfits per week

• Over 2,500 sets rented out

• We set up laundry service in any part of Ukraine

Why us

  • Tested and proven technologies
  • Reliable suppliers of equipment and materials
  • European experience in organizing work
  • Refined system of labeling and sorting clothing
  • Efficient quality control system