Manage your business by European standards

In order to help our clients maintain efficient technical state of their premises, Griffin developed a number of solutions for full or partial service of the building’s technical systems:

  • Regulatory servicing of technical equipment and engineering systems in the building
  • Emergency services 24 hours a day
  • Inspections (annual, fire, building, electrical) and periodic check-up
  • Administration of utilities agreements
  • Replacement of damaged or worn parts (repairs)
  • New installation of engineering systems (indoor and outdoor work)
Service maintenance is tailored to your schedule. The work is performed using 
our own certified and trusted technicians and contractors.


Our services

  • Electrical maintenance
  • Plumbing services
  • Installation of HVAC
  • HVAC service and maintenance
  • Maintenance of gas equipment
  • Installation of sprinkler and fire safety systems
  • Installation of security systems and CC surveillance
  • Maintenance of hydraulic lifts, electric forklifts and hoists
  • Service and maintenance of automatic and garage doors
  • Building repair work
  • Welding
  • Dispatching
  • Light construction and remodeling
  • Installation of lavatories (sinks, toilets, bidets, showers)
  • Painting and wallpapering services
  • Replacement and installation of office furniture
  • Flooring services
  • Siding and paneling work
  • Roofing
  • Demolition (disassembly)


• We service over 120 properties daily

• We service and have experience with all types of structures

• We use verified and trusted equipment suppliers from Ukraine and Europe

Why us

  • Experience in specificity of not only engineering, but also specialized equipment
  • Automated system of service and repair control
  • Around the clock dispatch center
  • We set the standard for service of all types of buildings