Cleaning the school or cleaning the university is an important hygienic procedure, because not only the neat appearance, but also the health of all students, students and employees of the institution depends on it. Today, educational institutions have the opportunity to hire specialists to conduct quality cleaning work on educational institutions.

Cleaning company Impel Griffin offers services for: daily, general or post-construction cleaning of classrooms using modern safe methods.

The responsibilities of our qualified staff include:

  • wet cleaning of the classroom at the school and other rooms - the dining room, lobby, stairs, the teacher’s room, gym, corridors, dressing room, etc .;
  • wet daily cleaning of classrooms of the university and other rooms;
  • daily cleaning of dormitories;
  • dusting;
  • cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms, door handles and ceramic tiles;
  • arrangement of garbage bins and their cleaning, as well as garbage disposal;
  • washing windows;
  • equipment holders for personal hygiene products, supply of personal hygiene products;
  • supply of carpets;
  • dry cleaning of soft and leather furniture;
  • dry cleaning of carpet;
  • facade washing;
  • high-rise facade washing (industrial mountaineering);
  • cleaning the roof of snow and icicles;
  • deep cleaning of the floor covering and its restoration;
  • green planting care:
  • snow and garbage removal;
  • cleaning of any adjacent territories and farm buildings.

At the request of the customer, special protective coatings can be applied to floors and walls. We guarantee the highest quality of work of any level of complexity!

Other types of services for universities and schools from Impel Griffin:

  • Maintenance of electrical networks (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
  • Maintenance of water supply systems (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
  • Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioners (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
  • Administration of contracts and utilities (contract control, collection and payment of bills)
  • Outstaffing
  • Minor repairs of premises and furniture