Cleaning stores is not only a clean floor and the absence of garbage. This is the order in the kitchen (if any), and in the administrative premises, in the adjacent territory, in the storage room or pantry, in the meat and fish shops. At each of the listed sites, supermarket cleaning has its own specifics, special detergents, professional equipment and tools are used.

Unfortunately, not always the presence of a personal staff of cleaners can guarantee the perfect cleanliness of the premises and the proper operation of the equipment. Therefore, many prefer to use the services of outsourcing companies.


Cleaning supermarkets: its features and nuances

Griffin provides a whole package of services for super and hypermarkets, including:

  • dry and wet daily cleaning;
  • regular spring cleaning according to the approved schedule;
  • professional cleaning after repair of a hypermarket;
  • seasonal cleaning in the territory (elimination of leaves, removal of snow, removal of icicles and ice, etc.);
  • disinfection (extermination, disinfestation, etc.).

Thus, cleaning a hypermarket with the help of a professional cleaning team is more profitable and of high quality.


Cleaning services from Griffin for supermarkets:

  • Spring-cleaning of offices
  • Cleaning after builders
  • Daily comprehensive cleaning
  • Complete set with holders for personal hygiene products, supply of personal hygiene products
  • Supply of carpets
  • Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture
  • Dry cleaning of leather furniture
  • Dry cleaning of carpets
  • Deep floor cleaning
  • Cleaning of windows
  • High-altitude windows cleaning (industrial mountaineering)
  • Facade cleaning
  • High-altitude facade cleaning (industrial mountaineering)
  • Cleaning advertising constructions
  • Cleaning of the surrounding area
  • Restoration of marble, granite
  • Snow and waste removal
  • Green Care

Other supermarket services from Griffin:

  • Maintenance of electrical networks (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
  • Maintenance of water supply systems (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
  • Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioners (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
  • Administration of contracts and utilities (contract control, collection and payment of bills)
  • Outstaffing
  • Minor repairs of premises and furniture