Cleanliness and order at gas stations is an indicator of status and safety. But the reality is that cleaning the gas station on its own does not bring the proper result - the workers remember the order only when the bosses appear nearby. Professional cleaning of gas stations will achieve perfect cleanliness without harm to human health and equipment.

Features of cleaning gas stations: all the subtleties and nuances

The specificity of cleaning at gas stations and surrounding areas requires that all structural elements be cleaned: gas and gas stations, roof shields, chippers, billboards, office building, etc. In this case, foci of pollution can be:

  • atmospheric phenomena (dirt, road dust, sand, soot and soot, as well as traces of drips after rains and snowfalls);
  • cars (oil or gasoline leakage, objects from bodies and trailers, loose parts, etc.);
  • human factor (forgotten or discarded garbage).

The daily cleaning uses safe cleaning products, special attention is paid to surfaces with severe pollution and the surrounding area. Periodic professional cleaning is carried out only on the fact of pollution, sometimes it includes seasonal work:

  • cleaning leaves, snow and glaciers;
  • elimination of dirt, road dust and sand;
  • cleaning of facades of office buildings;
  • washing windows, shop windows, billboards, etc.

Griffin will provide the right approach to tidying up the network of your gas stations throughout Ukraine, in any locality!


Cleaning services from Griffin for the network of gas stations:

  • Spring-cleaning of offices
  • Cleaning after builders
  • Daily comprehensive cleaning
  • Complete set with holders for personal hygiene products, supply of personal hygiene products
  • Deep floor cleaning
  • Cleaning of windows
  • High-altitude windows cleaning (industrial mountaineering)
  • Facade cleaning
  • High-altitude facade cleaning (industrial mountaineering)
  • Cleaning advertising constructions
  • Cleaning of the surrounding area
  • Desinfection 
  • Snow and waste removal
  • Green Care

Other types of services for the gas station network from Griffin:

  • Maintenance of electrical networks (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
  • Maintenance of water supply systems (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
  • Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioners (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
  • Administration of contracts and utilities (contract control, collection and payment of bills)
  • Outstaffing