Modern shopping centers are architectural giants, their cleaning requires a lot of effort and a careful attitude.

Cleaning of shopping centers involves dozens, if not hundreds, of standard cleaning services, which include various cleaning works on the interior, and external work - cleaning facades, windows and other types of work. When cleaning shopping centers, like other types of cleaning works, Griffin acts taking into account all the individual characteristics of the facility, the equipment being serviced.

Cleaning of shopping centers is carried out in accordance with all sanitary standards, instructions and requirements. Specially trained employees know what, what and how to clean for maximum effect and without damage. Griffin specialists draw up special cards and cleaning plans designed to evenly distribute the load on workers. Thus, cleaning of shopping centers (the price of which is made taking into account the amount of work and resources involved) is carried out as efficiently and quickly as possible.

If you still have questions, hurry to contact Griffin. We will be happy to share our experience, answer your questions, and conduct a free audit of the property with the following recommendations!

Griffin cleaning services for shops and shopping centers:

  • Spring-cleaning of offices
  • Cleaning after builders
  • Daily comprehensive cleaning
  • Complete set with holders for personal hygiene products, supply of personal hygiene products
  • Supply of carpets
  • Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture
  • Dry cleaning of leather furniture
  • Dry Cleaning of carpets
  • Window cleaning
  • High-altitude window washing (industrial mountaineering)
  • Facade cleaning
  • High-altitude facade cleaning (industrial mountaineering)
  • Cleaning of advertising constructions
  • Deep floor cleaning
  • Restoration of marble, granite
  • Cleaning of the surrounding area
  • Snow and waste removal
  • Green Care

Other types of services for shops and shopping centers from Griffin:

  • Maintenance of electrical networks (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
  • Maintenance of water supply systems (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
  • Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioners (scheduled, scheduled, repair and emergency work)
  • Administration of contracts and utilities (contract control, collection and payment of bills)
  • Staff outstaffing
  • Minor repairs of premises and furniture