Outsource your cleaning to a professional cleaning company, and save time and money!

In the current economic situation, outsourcing cleaning became a very cost-efficient way to optimize expenses. This concept withstood the test of time, and is proven by many of our clients, who are some of the largest companies in Ukraine and Europe. Hiring and training staff, medical coverage and vacation pay, purchasing of cleaning supplies at market rates, purchasing equipment – all of these aspects put a strain on management resources and generate additional expenses. Impel Griffin has developed a number of solutions to help optimize our clients’ resources and enable them to focus on their main business processes.

Outsource your cleaning and see improvements after just 30 days:

- Concentration of your management team on business tasks

- Reduction in expenses by increasing the productiveness of technical personnel and their operating efficiency

- Reduction in expenses through optimization of processes

- Transparency of projected expenses

- Increased quality of work due to efficient and professional technologies

Cleaning services:

  • Comprehensive daily cleaning of indoor areas
  • Comprehensive cleaning of adjacent territories
  • General cleaning
  • Selection of additional one-time cleaning works
  • Landscaping and floristry
  • Trash removal, snow clearing
  • Pest control
  • Sanitization of premises
  • Rope access (high-rise work)


• 5,000,000 square meters serviced daily

• Experience in cleaning services for all market segments

• Over the last 3 years we have helped our clients save over $500,000 via effective optimization of processes

Our strengths:

  • Our staff is insured
  • All technical personnel undergo internal training course
  • Efficient external and internal quality control system
  • We use professional European cleaning supplies and equipment, insuring safety and efficiency of work