Импел Гриффин искусство

Art and culture is the social sphere that requires special attention, since it is the carrier of many positive values that help all of us enjoy being together. Over the years, we have regularly supported young artists, and organized exhibitions, including charitable events. Impel Griffin believes that it is important to establish programs for preservation of the cultural heritage and popularize culturally oriented events. In addition to painting, our company also supports classical forms of art, such as music and theater. 

Impel Griffin already held such incredible exhibitions as “Impel Griffin vernissage 2015”, and “Winter art stream 2016”, organized by the portal of independent Ukrainian artists. Today, Impel Griffin is a host of “Seasons. Portal No. 1. Spring”, which will last from 03/01/2016-06/01/2016. The gallery presents the creative works of the members and partner of “Independent Artists Portal”: Georgiy Deliev, Peter Gritsyuk, Alexandra Kubankina, Natalya Nalivayko, Yelena Ukraintseva, Bogdan Doroshenko, Svetlana Sycheva, Yelena Galuzinskaya, Anatoliy Gopkalo, Nata Rasp, Natasha Soyer, Inna Scheglova, Natalya Dovganyuk, Anna Hodakovskaya, Anna Torkaenko, Georgiy Deliev, Anastasia Obrubanskaya, Tatyana Zolotukhina, and other Ukrainian artists.

We welcome all interested parties to visit our exhibition. You will be greeted with aromatic coffee and croissants, friendly people, and the pleasant smell of oils and canvas. The entry is complimentary for everyone.