In 2011 Impel Griffin began partnership with the “INSHE ZHITTIA” foundation, supporting the foundation’s initiative with our own project “Warmth of our deeds”.

The internation charitable foundation “INSHE ZHITTIA” provides aid to seriously ill patients, orphans, disabled children, WWII veterans, senior communities, as well as direct help to underprivileged families.


Under the “Warmth of our deeds” project, Impel Griffin regularly collects the following:

  • Food;
  • Medications (blood pressure, anti-virus, analgesics, broad spectrum antibiotics, flu medicine);
  • Materials for creative art activities for children (beads, buttons, ribbons, needles, knitting needles, yarn, art sets, brushes, paint and canvasses, paper, pencils and crayons, markers (new and used); 
  • Stationery (new and used);
  • Books and toys (new and used);
  • Hygiene products;
  • Cleaning supplies;
  • Clothes and shoes (new and used);
  • Appliances (new and used);
  • Computer equipment (new and used);
  • Sports equipment (new and used).

Among the traditional partners of the “Warmth of our deeds” project for collection of funds and goods there is also an international nongovernmental association Rotary Club Kyiv-Sophia, one of the members of which is the CEO of Impel Griffin Vitaliy Opanasyuk. The project is also regularly supported by the clients of Impel Griffin from all over Ukraine.

Impel Griffin’s charitable projects for 2016:

Project “Warmth of our deeds”

Warmth of our deeds

Regular collaboration with the “INSHE ZHITTIA” charitable foundation. Collection of funds and goods for orphanages and senior homes.

Project “Fear not, we are with you”

Help for single and bedridden patients, and families with members suffering from bronchial asthma. With the help from “INSHE ZHITTIA”, Impel Griffin identifies the families that need help with cleaning, grocery shopping, and purchasing medications.

Project “Kindness in hand”

From each residential cleaning order ( we will donate 10% to the “Tabletochki” charitable foundation to help treat children with oncological-hematological and retinoblastoma illnesses in Ukraine.

Charity event “One day for children”

During this quarterly event the office employees of Impel Griffin will donate one day’s pay to support treatment of sick children. The children most in need are identified by the charitable foundation “Tabletochki”, where the funds are being transferred.