Corporate social responsibility is an intrinsic part of Impel Group. Over the years Impel Griffin participated in many social initiatives, supporting charity, social, and volunteer projects with the goal of creating environment for betterment of the lives of our employees and their families, as well as the society as a whole.

For us, to be socially responsible is to care about our employees, clients, environment, and help the development of our homeland.

Based on the corporate values of our company, we develop charity and volunteer projects in several key directions: helping protect the defenseless layers of our society, environment, sport, and Ukrainian military.

We are sure that with the combined efforts of businesses, NGO’s, and the government, we lead our country to the path of economically sustainable, environmentally safe, intellectual and cultural development.

We also hope that the initiatives of the Impel Griffin volunteers will promote common development of civil consciousness, atmosphere of diverse cooperation, and betterment of the quality of life of the Ukrainian nation.

Impel Griffin is always open to collaboration with charitable organizations and the government agencies whose work is directed towards helping the socially defenseless and underprivileged layers of the population, Ukrainian military, as well as organizations working to improve the environmental situation in our country.

social responsibility