Impel Griffin’s 20 years of experience in building maintenance is not our advantage, it is the advantage of our clients. From the very start, we put in all the effort to ensure that our quality and our services would be at the highest possible level, and exceed our clients’ expectations.

The stages of our development is the chronology of emergence and development of the service market for building maintenance in Ukraine, as well as the portrait of the process of its assimilation of the European standards of management, technologies, personnel training, and customer service.


We formed a trade company
under the name “Griffin”


We added
the cleaning division


We formed the cleaning
company “Griffin Group”


We started establishing
a nationwide service network


We formed the Griffin SLR
Moldova. Griffin receives
the ISO 9001 certificate


We form the nationwide
company “Impel Griffin Group”
and add the building
maintenance branch


We add departments
of pest control,
industrial alpinism,
and printing. We establish
a football team “Griffin”


Impel Griffin partners
with UEFA EURO, servicing
stadiums and fanzones.


The football team
“Griffin” are the runner-ups
in the Euro Winners Cup
in beach football


Impel Griffin participates
in the job creation
program for Donbass and
Luhansk refugees, with
financial support from UN
and Japanese government


We successfully continue to grow and develop ;)